68" x 53"

"I started this in a class and I learned a lot.  But when I went home, I started to play!  Through that process, it stopped feeling like a Bargello quilt and grew into something that feels, to me, much more like a Bordello quilt.

It always makes me smile."


35" x 33" (irregular)

"This piece always takes me home. The earth-like tones, the organic shapes and the gentle curves remind me of the rolling hills of my childhood. It captures the simplicity, and the richness of rural Ontario; the simplicity and richness of my own roots ... and I feel grounded."


The Rest of the Story
56" x 71"

"In my life, I have experienced moments of peace; moments where I felt an understanding of God … welcoming a grandchild, the birth of a lamb, a partner released from pain.  But those moments aren’t the whole story.  This quilt is my attempt to tell the rest of the story."


I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You
56 x 72

"This is my twentieth quilt and I wanted to make it ‘dark’. I gathered some of my Kaffe stash, in colours that aren’t part of my usual pallet, and worked like mad, on a rainy day, with a Tom Waits CD blaring.

I love this quilt.  It makes me smile."


It's Life's Illusions I Recall.  I Really Don't Know Life, At All
56" x 67"

"This quilt is an attempt to make sense of my life and the memories of my life.  Much of what I remember is fading and blurred.  It seems more like illusion than life.  Joni said it best, ‘It’s life’s illusions I recall.  I really don’t know life. At all.’"


Where The Streets Have No Name
(queen size)

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