Workshop - Double Disappearing 9-Patch - Three Ways

This is an all day (6 hour) workshop for up to 24 participants.

In the morning (3 hours), we will look at examples of the three DD9P block variations ... Traditional, Modern, and Improv.  Participants will learn how to construct the block, and be given a few tips to make construction easier. All fabric for construction of a sample block in the morning, is supplied by the instructor.

In the afternoon (3 hours),  participants will work on a project in the variation of their choice.
Suggested fabric lists for each variation, and a supply list will be provided. 

Cost for the workshop ... $400 + $15/participant materials fee + lunch + travel ($.50/km) + accommodation if required

To book, email Bill.

Examples ...
Traditional Variation
... detail of Adam's Dinosaur Quilt

... 'Where the Streets Have No Name'
- queen size

Modern Variation
 Anna's Canada 150 Quilt

 Sloane's Canada 150 Quilt
(detail below)

Will's Canada 150 Quilt

Improv Variation
 'My Left Brain'

 'My World'
(International Quilt Festival, Chicago, 2016)

 'Reflections of the Sydney Opera House'
(International Quilt Festival, Houston, 2017 and International Quilt Festival, Chicago, 2018)

 'Eight' ... Jamie's Canada 150 quilt
('Boys Just Want to Have Fun' Show, 2018 - Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, Golden Colorado)

 'I Wish I Had A River'
(Parrott Gallery, Belleville, ON, 2017)

'Dreamtime Walkabout'
(Quilt Canada, 2015)

'The Colour of Night'
(detail below) 

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